Social Anxiety


As we start to head back out into a social world, a few things to think about if you are feeling anxious in social settings. Remember that you are the master of your own emotions, not the other way around!

If you want to explore these ideas or others, I offer Energy Clearing Sessions. These sessions are a form of energy work based in Theta Healing®. They work to identify and clear the unconscious beliefs that are blocking you from reaching your highest and best potential. Maybe you are feeling stuck in a cycle that seems to be on repeat, having a hard time manifesting the things you want in your life, or finding it difficult to get clarity on what you want to manifest, these sessions will weed out what blocks you. You will gain clarity in all aspects of your life and find the peace you need to move forward without stress, anxiety, or other emotional triggers.

I love this modality of energy work because it has the added potency of Free Will. You have to consciously and verbally agree to receive it, and as an active participant, you strengthen the work being done! Email me at [email protected]


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