Meet Sahara

I have been cultivating HolisticMojo in its many forms for over 20 years. 

Born in 2001 in New York City as a children’s dance and movement program, as I made my way out west to California it grew to encompass Personal Training, Physiotherapy, Nutrition, Yoga, Meditation, Bodywork, Clinical Aromatherapy, and Ayurvedic Medicine. In Hawai’i it bloomed into a more retreat minded company, which eventually took me all over the world teaching my craft(s).  Along the way I wrote a book on holistic drinking (The Conscious Alcoholic) and put to good use my psychic abilities by studying Shamanism and pretty much every other energy or psychic modality I could find.  Ever since I was a kid I dabbled in potion making and I discovered while traveling the world teaching, studying, and living out of a backpack, that it is best to just make your own herbal skin and body care products.  Pretty soon my friends and family all had me making theirs too! 

I have a passion for learning and growing, and I also know that everything I do can overwhelm folks.  Please don’t be.  Let me handle all the info floating around in my head and trust that I will know exactly what to apply to your life and when to apply it.  Afterall, the more complicated the issue, the more simple the answer and that’s the exciting part for me!  My passion is to find the best fit for you. This is Soul Alchemy baby and my mission is help you turn your shit into gold!