I have been cultivating my company HolisticMojo since 2001 when it started in New York City as a children’s dance and movement program called, WE DANCE.  I had settled there after traveling for a year with the theater company, Up With People, and I was at the same time just beginning my Wellness journey.  The toll of years as a dancer, actor, and athlete had left me physically and emotionally drained by the age of 21. The concept of self-care, whether mental, emotional, or physical, had never been part of my 16 years in the world of performing and competition. I was profoundly broken on multiple levels.

Motivated by the desire for personal growth and transformation, I headed west to San Francisco. My company, renamed HolisticMojo, evolved in sync with my own personal growth. I embraced the open-minded culture of California, leveraging what some called the “hippy mindset.” Over nearly a decade, HolisticMojo expanded to encompass a diverse range of offerings, including Personal Training, Physiotherapy, Nutrition, Yoga, Meditation, Bodywork, Shamanism, and Ayurvedic Medicine.

Despite the thriving holistic community in San Francisco, I felt a deep longing for an ocean I could immerse myself in without the constraints of a wetsuit. This yearning led me to continue my westward journey to Hawai’i. There, HolisticMojo transformed into a company with a strong emphasis on education and retreats following an aerial accident that temporarily prevented me from teaching yoga or offering massage. During a four-year hiatus from the business, I embarked on a journey of travel, study, and personal healing. This period allowed me to start teaching Ayurveda, Bodywork, and Holistic Cooking at various wellness and retreat centers worldwide.

In 2016, I published my first book, “The Conscious Alcoholic: A Holistic Approach to Drinking,” and began training in ThetaHealing™ upon returning to Hawai’i later that year. My work expanded to include creating wellness experiences and preparing organic meals for families and groups visiting the islands. Simultaneously, I had the opportunity to travel again, blending my skills to craft specialized holistic experiences for groups and families worldwide.

Currently, I reside in Sweden, where I work one-on-one with clients to help them build balanced and fulfilling mental, emotional, and physical lives. While satisfying my soul’s need for warm ocean air, I continue to travel the world, primarily on Mega Yachts, to create tailored wellness programs for individuals during their holidays.