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$15 USD / 200 SEK ​​

Formulated to open the heart chakra while gently releasing attachments that are no longer serving you. Anahata is made with love from organic rose, mugwort, and cardamom, steeped in a whiskey base and finished with everclear. Spray it on your body, in your space, or in your tea! It helps you connect with your heart and your truth while releasing the grip of other people’s opinions, society’s ideals, and ancestral beliefs. Use it as a pick-me-up or whenever you need to clear your space, set boundaries, or open your heart.

Hormone Harmonizer

Hormone Harmonizer

$10 USD / 150 SEK

A roll-on blend for stress relief and hormone balancing. Stress leads to wonky hormones in BOTH men and women. This blend helps realign your hormones and brings you a deeper sense of calm and balance. The oils of organic orange, clary sage, ginger grass, and benzoin come together in a castor and coconut oil base to uplift, center, quell cramps and soothe irritability. The convenient roller bottle allows you to take it with you wherever you go and makes application quick, easy, and clean. Roll on your wrists, heart center, behind your ears, or directly onto cramping muscles.

Coffee & Cardamom Body Scrub

Coffee & Cardamom Body Scrub

$15 USD / 200 SEK ​​

Luxurate as you exfoliate with this decitant body scrub made from ground coffee, salt, and the essential oils of cardamom, cinnamon,and orange.  Scrubs are used in traditional medicine to not only nurish the skin, but to also boost the endocrine and immune systems.  Cardamom opens the heart chakra, while the cinnamon warms your muscles and increases metabolism, orange lifts your mood.  Scrub up and rinse off or soak yourself in a tub of coffee.  Either way, you walk around smelling like everyones favorite coffee cafe!

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The Conscious Alcoholic

Alcohol has been used in every medicinal system since the beginning of time. Study the worlds’ medicinal history and you will find tinctures, medicated wines, and various other topical potions. Alcohol is amazing at extracting the medicinal benefits of plants and herbs, delivering them to the body to relieve pain and promote healing. So why aren’t we applying all that knowledge to our cocktails? I mean, if it’s good for my kidneys to put my foot behind my head, there has to be an herb I can put in my martini to promote… something. Right?  Well, yes, actually there is. Using Ayurvedic and Chinese Medicine, I have not only created delicious cocktail recipes; I have broken the properties of each spirit and herb down so that you can discover how to drink to balance your body. That’s right folks, healthy drinking! By the time you are done reading, you will understand why some alcohols work for you while others leave you praying to the Porcelain Goddess.