Online Courses

The Anatomy of A Vinyasa


This is a mobility training for anyone looking to increase the mobility and decrease the pain in their neck, shoulders, chest, and low back. It can be done at your desired pace and revisited as often as needed, with the classes being downloadable.

30 Days to Mindfulness


30 Days and 30 Ways to become more mindful and present with yourself, your loved ones and the world around you. Start the program whenever suits your schedule and create a more meaningful life for yourself!

Yoga Library



Get access to over 3 years worth of recordings from my yoga and movement online classes.  We cover everything from restorative yoga, to yin, to hatha, and all the way to self massage and physio for specific body parts!

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The Conscious Alcoholic

Alcohol has been used in every medicinal system since the beginning of time. Study the worlds’ medicinal history and you will find tinctures, medicated wines, and various other topical potions. Alcohol is amazing at extracting the medicinal benefits of plants and herbs, delivering them to the body to relieve pain and promote healing. So why aren’t we applying all that knowledge to our cocktails? I mean, if it’s good for my kidneys to put my foot behind my head, there has to be an herb I can put in my martini to promote… something. Right?  Well, yes, actually there is. Using Ayurvedic and Chinese Medicine, I have not only created delicious cocktail recipes; I have broken the properties of each spirit and herb down so that you can discover how to drink to balance your body. That’s right folks, healthy drinking! By the time you are done reading, you will understand why some alcohols work for you while others leave you praying to the Porcelain Goddess.