On a separate piece of paper, number 1- 30.  Answer each question by marking V, P or K for the statement that best describes you.  If more than one answer applies, mark both.  When you are finished, tally the totals for each letter. Your highest number is you predominant Dosha, your middle number is your secondary and your lowest number is most stable.

1.  Body Type

V-  Taller or shorter than average; thin; lanky muscular build; loses muscle/fat easily; prominent bones and veins; low body fat

P- Medium height; defined muscular build; builds muscle/ loses fat easily; well-developed bones and features

K-  Stocky; round; smooth muscular build; gains fat easily, difficult to lose fat; features are masked by thick tissues/ water/ fat

2.  Complexion (within the parameters of your ethnicity)

V-  Dark; ashy; dry

P-  Reddish; flushed; oily

K-  Creamy; pink; pale

3.  Skin Quality

V-  Tendency towards dry, cracked and rough texture; Cold (or ice cold) to the touch; tans easily

P-  Tendency towards oily or moist texture; prone to acne/rashes; freckles; warm to the touch; burns easily

K-  Balanced; slightly oily; smooth; soft and cool to the touch; tans easily; dewy

4.  Hair

V-  Thin; dry; coarse; tendency towards dandruff and split ends; brittle; black/brown

P-  Fine; smooth; tendency towards premature graying and baldness; oily; straight; blond/red

K-  Thick; shiny; wavy; heavy; curly; oily

5.  Face

V- Small; long; hollow; high cheekbones; prone to wrinkles

P-  Sharp, pointy features; furrowed brow; a seriousness to the facial expression

K-  Large; round; soft facial expressions, lacking wrinkles

6.  Eyes

V-  Small; dry; experiences floaters in vision; erratic movements with rapid blinking; dark in color

P- Almond-shaped; tendency towards redness and itching; sensitive to light; piercing quality (appear to look straight through you); green/blue color

K- Big and round; wet/glassy; like an anime character; doe-eyed; calm; blue/light colored

7.  Nose

V-  Uneven; crooked

P-  Long; pointed

K-  Round; short; button

8.  Lips

V-  Thin; dry; cracked

P-  Full; red; inflamed

K- Medium-sized; pale; smooth

9.  Shoulders

V-  Narrow; hunched; boney

P-  Proportionate to their body; sturdy

K- Broad; soft; the kind that makes nice pillows

10.  Arms

V-  Bony; lean; lanky; too long or too short for their body

P-  Muscular; defined muscle

K-  Round; soft

11.  Nails

V-  Brittle; dry; rough

P-  Flexible; pink; strong

K-  Thick; smooth; shiny

12.  Joints

V-  Cracking/popping; dry; prone to arthritis

P-  Soft/loose; prone to inflammation

K- Sturdy; thick; large; lubricated

13.  Circulation

V-  Poor; cold hands and feet

P-  Good; warm to hot

K-  Slow; can run cold and clammy

14.  Temperature

V- Cold; dry; rough; sensitive to the wind; sun worshiper

P-  Hot; tendency to overheat; dry

K-  Warm to cool; gets cold with dampness; becomes clammy with heat

15.  Appetite

V-  Forgets to eat; hunger comes on quickly; irregular; eats quickly

P- Hunger is like clockwork; becomes irritated when hungry (also known as hangry)

K-  Steady; grazer, emotional eater; slow eater

16.  Food Preferences

V-  Warm; cooked

P-  Cold; cool

K-  Raw; cool

17. Digestion

V-  Quick; gassy

P-  Quick; heartburn

K-  Slow; mucousy

18. Elimination

V-  Constipation; pebble-like; hard; dry

P-  Loose; irregular; multiple a day

K-  Sluggish; mucous; oily; heavy

19.  Illness Tendency

V-  Autoimmune; anxiety; arthritis; nerve pain, digestive; intestinal

P-  Inflammation; fevers; infection; rashing; blood diseases; ulcers

K- Respiratory; water retention; mucus; depression; diabetes/sugar issues

20. Pulse

V-  Rapid; irregular

P-  Steady and strong

K-  Slow; round; difficult to find

21.  Walking Speed

V-  Fast; random

P-  Quick; direct

K-  Slow; meandering

22.  Sleep

V-  Light sleeper; scanty; anxiety/worry insomnia; likes to sleep for long periods of time

P-  Falls asleep quickly and usually stays asleep, obsessive mind insomnia; likes about 8 hours of sleep

K-  Deep sleep but groggy upon waking; enjoys about 5-6 hours of sleep

23.  Speech

V-  Talkative; rapid; erratic; skips words; unclear; lacking eye contact

P-  Medium paced; sharp; direct; focused; clear; aggressive; intense eye contact

K- Slow-paced; quiet; calm; sweet but monotonous; shy/sheepish eye contact

24.  Mental Activity

V-  Hyperactive; restless; quick

P-  Focused; direct; sharp; aggressive

K-  Slow; calm; steady; stable

25.  Concentration

V-  Short-term; scatters easily

P-  Intense; anger easily when interrupted

K- Long-term; can leave and come back easily

26.  Memory

V-  Short-term

P-  Detail oriented

K-  Long-term

27.  Positive Attributes

V- Multi-tasker; fast-paced; changes easily; clever

P-  Focused; leader; intelligent; dedicated; loyal

K-  Slow; stable; reliable; calm; nurturing; wise

28.  Negative Attributes

V-  Unpredictable; anxious; overwhelmed; fearful

P-  Competitive; angry; aggressive; jealous; spiteful; resentful; stubborn

K-  Depressed; greedy; envious; clingy; slow to change

29.  Temperament

V-  Quick to anger

P-  Slow to anger, then explodes; pressure cooker

K-  Slow to anger

30.  When Threatened

V-  Avoids/Runs away

P-  Fights

K-  Makes peace