“There comes a point where we need to stop just pulling people out of the river. We need to go upstream and find out why they’re falling in.’
               -Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Welcome to HolisticMojo!
Are you ready to become an Alchemist of your life? Humans are multi-dimentional creatures living a multi-facited existence. Why are we treating wellness in a linear manner?
Here we take all of you into account because healing requires looking at you as a whole; body, mind and spirit. It is never just a sore muscle, sad heart, or scattered mind, it’s YOU.
All of You.

Stress and trauma effect the body in a multitude of ways so adjusting your diet, getting a massage, or looking at your self-care are not individually going to do the trick. Don’t get me wrong, they will absolutely help, but if you want LASTING change, you need to treat the whole.

Are you ready to turn your shit to gold?!

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Our Focus:


The human body is complex and unique to each individual. No two symptoms have the same root cause because each body has a mind and a heart attached to it that molds the body's experience. What lights me up is unlocking the Rubix Cube that is the human body and effecting real, lasting change. Massage and Yoga sessions incorporate all of my modalities, as guided by your body’s needs. My background is in physiotherapy and rehabilitative movement and I bring these modalities into my work. If you want to inhabit your body in a more free, present and aware way, then I am the BodyWorker for you.


Ayurveda looks at the mind as the root of all dis-ease AND the path to wellness. One of the world's oldest forms of holistic medicine, Ayurveda works with the 5 elements of Air, Ether, Fire, Water, and Earth. Understanding your own unique elemental makeup and living according to it enables you to engage with the world in a more calm, peaceful, and enjoyable manner. They will improve EVERY aspect of your life. Get your mind straight and focus on your wholeness and you become your own Super Hero!


AKA, Spiritual Gangster Shit, this process is a mix of Theta Healing®, Neuro Linguistic Programing (NLP), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Shamanism, and good old psychic proness. I have been working with Ancestors and Spirit Guides since I was a child. This work uncovers your limiting beliefs that are blocking you from reaching your goals, clears ancestral trauma, and creates new receptors for abundance, peace, and wellbeing. Life slides sideways to push us to grow, so let’s enjoy the ride. This world is an illusion, learn how to control your narrative.

Why Integrated Wellness?

I began working within the container of Integrated Wellness because I felt pigeonholed as a healer.  I got tired of being told that I had to pick one skill when I knew damn well that one size fits all is a lie.  In my own healing journey I often felt unseen and that my practitioners and doctors were not listening to me… so that is what Integrated Wellness means to me first and foremost; that you the client are seen and heard in every way possible.  There is no preconceived notion about where you ‘should’ be, and for sure no judgment.  I SEE you where you are at, and I HEAR you where you want to be.  From there we create your own specific healing journey that fits your life and feels safe and attainable to you.  So whether you are coming to me for massage, yoga, ThetaHealing, Ayurveda, or want to mix and match them all into a whole Integrated Wellness Program, know that your needs are what are most important to me.  Click Integrated Wellness below to start your journey, or check out my many other offerings in the A la Carte section.  Oh, and we do yoga every Monday on the interwebs if you want to join in (Membership).  All are welcome


Get complete access to all my live yoga classes, the full libray of recorded classed (2+ years), and additiona Mojo inspiring videos for your mind, body, and spirit each month.

Integrated Wellness

Join me in a 3 or 6 month journey back to yourself. Together we will create the program perfect for your unique needs, empowering you to manage every aspect of your life.

A La Carte

Choose to work with me using a single modality or get extra help using one specific modality. If we are not already working together this requires a Curiosity Call prior to booking.

What others are saying...

Crystal - USA

Sahara is the best bodyworker I have ever come across. Hands down, no contest. Not only has she been able to completely dismantle old knots, but she’s also cleared the energy channels that lead to them. Every time she works on me, my body and energy are healthier and in a better flow. Her physical work is unmatched and so is her energy work. She is a pure, clear channel for energy. When we’re done the only energy left behind is love and vitality. You can trust her with your body and energy and I strongly encourage you to try her. Sahara is my favorite bodyworker, and I know she’ll be yours too. Give her a try! -Crystal H (https://www.crystalignexperience.com/)


We’re having a blast and would love for you to join!
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