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October’s Class Series: The Anatomy of a Vinyasa

The Vinyasa has become a centerpiece in today’s yoga practice. So much so that folks think that the word vinyasa is a form of yoga that is built around a specific group of poses, when it actually means to link poses together. So anytime you move from one pose to another in a flow, you are doing a vinyasa. But let me climb off my soapbox and address the modern view of what a vinyasa is…

Up Dog
Down Dog

This grouping of poses alone could keep my massage practice afloat and are the number one cause of overuse and repetitive strain injuries in Yoga. We rarely put a lot of thought or technique into these poses, yet they are some of the hardest poses to master, following closely behind Savasana and Tadasana.

In this month’s series, we will take one pose each week to dissect. Using yoga therapy poses, yoga poses, physiotherapy movements, we will open and strengthen the appropriate places in the body to allow you to access the range of motion and muscles needed to move safely and effectively through this series of poses.

Sign up for one class for $10, or all 4 for $35 using the links below. Be sure to note your email address and which class you are signing up for so I can email you the link. This will be a Zoom class, with a recording for playback that will be available for 3 weeks after the class. All classes are at 21:00 CET / 3pm EST / 12 noon PST / 9am HST.

*Please note that we turn the clocks back here in Europe on October 25th, so class on the 26th will be at a different time for those of you not in Europe.*

October 5th -Plank
October 12th -Chaturanga
October 19th -Up Dog
October 26th -Down Dog

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