The Her.O Podcast: Breaking the cycle of shame!

Today we’re taking an in-depth look at shame and negative programming that can derive from trauma, just like a breakup, bad relationships, and other events in our lives. We’ll see […]


In this podcast with New Clevland Radio, I discuss my history and relationship to bullying. Alok Vaid-Menon is the wonderful Human I was mentioning in the podcast. Here is their […]

Rules For Being Human

Spirit Mojo for January 2021.  Sign up for my Mojo Membership and get 3 Mojotastic videos each month, plus access to my weekly live online yoga class, class playbacks, and […]

Vinyasa Yoga

Some Vinyasa Yoga for you!   [vc_video link=’’]

Mojotastic Membership!

Things are changing!  The past 9 months of making video content for you has been a blast and it is time to shift things a bit.  Sign up for my […]

Social Anxiety

As we start to head back out into a social world, a few things to think about if you are feeling anxious in social settings. Remember that you are the […]

F#ck Empaths- An Energy Clearing & Healing

The Spiritual Community talks a lot about Empaths and how sensitive they are to the world (sadly, usually with the energy of ‘poor me’), yet it is almost never talked […]