From Chaos to Peace: Balancing Your Life With Ayurveda with Sahara Leigh


I got to be on this fabulous podcast. Conny is so much fun and her podcast a great way to weed through our own and society’s bullsh*t.
“My guest is Sahara Leigh and we are talking about how we can balance our life with the help of Ayurveda. She says that she can very quickly assess someone’s mental and emotional state when she’s walking into their house, depending on whether the house is congested, messy or tidy.
We are also talking about…
– How she realized that she could use everything around her to bring herself back into harmony and back to herself, how she could use every failure to free herself!
– How we are taught what is right or wrong, what is correct and false, but we are not taught resilience and how to get up and try again when we don’t get it quite right the first time
– What traveling taught her and what things, thoughts and emotions to let go of, since we can only carry with us so much
– How the knowledge of Ayurveda can help you smooth out the friction of life”
You find the full show notes and all the links to the things we talked about on Conny’s website:

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