Femme Parler Podcast: SEXUAL ASSAULT

This week on the Femme Parler Podcast we’re happy to welcome Sahara. Sahara talks about her sexual experiences and how they have shaped her life.  Looking back on her childhood […]

The Her.O Podcast: Breaking the cycle of shame!

Today we’re taking an in-depth look at shame and negative programming that can derive from trauma, just like a breakup, bad relationships, and other events in our lives. We’ll see […]


In this podcast with New Clevland Radio, I discuss my history and relationship to bullying. Alok Vaid-Menon is the wonderful Human I was mentioning in the podcast. Here is their […]

F#ck Empaths- An Energy Clearing & Healing

The Spiritual Community talks a lot about Empaths and how sensitive they are to the world (sadly, usually with the energy of ‘poor me’), yet it is almost never talked […]