The Her.O Podcast: Breaking the cycle of shame!


Today we’re taking an in-depth look at shame and negative programming that can derive from trauma, just like a breakup, bad relationships, and other events in our lives. We’ll see how to identify it, how to break those cycles of shame and fear around relationships, and how to begin reprogramming ourselves to attract abundant and joy-filled relationships and experiences to our lives. Our expert guest is Sahara Leigh, aka The Alchemist of The Soul! Sahara teaches folks how to use the every day, mundane aspects of their lives and selves to create their most magical lives possible.

Using Ayurveda, Energy Work, Movement and Plant Medicine, Sahara shows you how everything you touch is a tool that moves you closer to, or further from, your Authentic Self.

You can build your dream reality if you know how to use the tools of your life. To see more from Sahara, why not check out her (30 Days to Mindfulness program) available now for FREE!


Her.0 Podcast: Breaking the Cycle of Shame and Reprograming Negative Patterns!

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