F#ck Empaths- An Energy Clearing & Healing


The Spiritual Community talks a lot about Empaths and how sensitive they are to the world (sadly, usually with the energy of ‘poor me’), yet it is almost never talked about that Empaths have a choice in the matter (empowerment energy). You don’t have to bleed for the world, that is a choice. If you are ready to make a different one, this clearing is for you. The actual clearing starts around the 7-minute mark.

Oh, and everyone is an Empath, so stop using it as a badge of honor.

This clearing and healing is a form of energy work based in Theta Healing®, I love this modality of energy work because it has the added potency of Free Will. You have to consciously and verbally agree to receive it, and as an active participant, you strengthen the work being done. For more information, and to book a one on one clearing, email me at [email protected]

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