How To Make Your Own Fire Cider

This is so good you could mix it with some gin for a badass gin gimlet! Or use it as medicine?. This is a very detailed description of how to […]

Social Anxiety

As we start to head back out into a social world, a few things to think about if you are feeling anxious in social settings. Remember that you are the […]

F#ck Empaths- An Energy Clearing & Healing

The Spiritual Community talks a lot about Empaths and how sensitive they are to the world (sadly, usually with the energy of ‘poor me’), yet it is almost never talked […]

Raw Dairy vs Pasturized

A conversation on the difference between the raw dairy industry and the pasteurized dairy industry, how the cows are treated, and how the milk is different. If you want to […]

Full Moon Yoga (May 6, 2020)

This is the recording of my Full Moon Yoga zoom class from May 6, 2020. Round and round we will go in this circular full moon flow. All levels are […]

Wall Yoga (May 1, 2020)

This is the recording of my Zoom class from May 1 2020, Wall Yoga. We will be incorporating a wall, or any flat wall-like surface, into our yoga practice to […]

Quarantine Concoctions

A bit of background on this video, I sprung this on my Partner kind of last minute. I knew we needed to clean out and organize the storage unit and […]