Quarantine Concoctions


A bit of background on this video, I sprung this on my Partner kind of last minute. I knew we needed to clean out and organize the storage unit and that that was going to be a doozie of a day, so I decided to make it a gin and tonic kind of day. The fruit was just an interesting (and last minute) twist. I would not normally suggest drinking to numb emotions, and that is not entirely what I was doing here. I was, however, lubricating the situation in a way that I discuss in my book, The Conscious Alcoholic. By knowing that my partner is a Vata/Kapha constitution, I know that he is easily sidetracked and also that he has a tendency to want to hang on to things long past their usefulness. And because I know and understand my own constitution of Vata/Pitta, I know that while I am great at organizing, I can get overwhelmed (and real irritated, real fast), especially when I am managing someone else’s Kapha emotional hoarding. So this was my way of creating play within this possible argument inducing activity. The action of breaking up the day by coming upstairs to make the videos and then decompressing as we drank the cocktails was really helpful. What I have found in Ayurveda is a way of understanding the world that allows a greater acceptance. I know who I am innately and who other people are, so I can cultivate greater compassion for myself and others. I know that someone isn’t doing something to irritate me, that this is a trait that comes with them as a human, and I can navigate my way through and around those situations because I now have the tools to know how to do that.

Ayurveda has been the greatest gift of empowerment for me. If having a deeper understanding of yourself and others interests you, please reach out for a free chat about Ayurveda, or if you know you want to learn more for sure, to schedule a consultation. Email me at [email protected].

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