Ebb and Glow Podcast: Ep 48 “How Your Failures Can Benefit You”


Sahara Leigh shares stories of solo traveling across the world (Hawaii, Turkey, Thailand, and more) and the ups and downs that come with it. Sahara also talks to us about her failures and master wounds and how to take those failures and turn them into gold.

Today, Sahara teaches people how to use the everyday, mundane aspects of their lives and create their most magical lives possible.  Using Ayurveda, Energy Work, Movement, and Plant Medicine, Sahara shows you how everything you touch is a tool that moves you closer to, or further from, your Authentic Self.

In this episode we talk about:

Solo traveling the world. Immigrating to Sweden. Traveling through Sweden, Hawaii, Europe, Italy, Bali, Turkey, Thailand.  Shamanic training.  Sexual assault. The pros and cons of traveling to specific countries. How to stay safe when traveling as a solo female.  Limiting beliefs. Toxic masculinity. Master wounds.



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