How To Make Your Own All Natural Healing Ointment


Ingredient Properties:

Turmeric- Purifies the blood, stimulates the production of new blood and tissue, increases circulation, decreases bruising, antibiotic, and antibacterial. Fun fact: Turmeric has been used to treat HIV/AIDS.

Myhrr- Stimulates white blood cell production, heals wounds/sores while stopping pain and disinfecting the wound. It is used often for mouth issues such as cold sores, tooth infections, and throat infections and soreness. It’s anti-inflammatory and anti-parasitic properties make it a powerful tool in treating candida, staph, lung infections, acne, hemorrhoids, and asthma.

Frankincense- Used for everything from colds to cancer, frankincense has been used for centuries in natural medicine. It slows the aging process down so much that it was an integral ingredient in the embalming process in ancient Egypt. It removes scars, promotes the regeneration and new growth of skin cells, repairs blood vessels, increases blood flow, decreases inflammation, stimulates the immune system, strengthens the teeth and gums, and while it is at it, cleanses and purifies the air.

Lavender- Skin wise, lavender soothes rashes, eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, parasites of the skin, lice, scabies, all while being rejuvenating for skin cells. Outside of the skin, lavender decreases pain, inflammation, infection, and stress. Contrary to popular belief, it does not induce sleep. However, it calms an overactive mind, which can help with insomnia.

Coconut Oil- Its cooling properties are wonderful for easing the pain of cuts, burns, and abrasions, while its antimicrobial and antibiotic properties fight infection.

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