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Meet World Traveler and Yogini Extraordinaire, Sahara Leigh who has lived and traveled all over the world! She started traveling at age 15 and is now in her 30’s and moving forward in the world as a solo female traveler with a strong foot firmly planted in the spiritual. She teaches yoga, is an ayurvedic medicine practitioner, offers consultations for families and people looking to explore healthy food (including veganism) and a healthier lifestyle. She’s an author and a sailor, was an aerialist, and even worked in a circus! Is there anything she can’t do? I don’t think so!

Sahara thoroughly filled out my long questionnaire below!

You can find her website here. She offers 3 different levels of personal consulting plus Sahara’s Yoga Membership is only $20 a month for 1 live class per week and access to all her past classes! I’ve taken them personally and they are amazing! Just one class “cured” some severe low back pain I was suffering from!

Her Etsy shop is here.

Her Instagram here.

-Please introduce yourself and let us know where you are in the world right now.
“Back in my hometown of Glens Falls, New York.”-I like to ask you about your story/setting the stage, your challenges and even your failures!
“Kind of an all-over-the-place story.  I wanted to be a performer but my parents said no.  I was working as a performer at 6 flags the summer before my senior year when my co-worker, and magician extraordinaire, told me about a traveling theater group called Up With People (UWP).  They just so happened to be coming to the area in the coming months so I went to the show, and even though I hated the show, applied, auditioned, and was accepted.  I left 3 weeks after graduating High School to travel the world with them.   UWP went bankrupt while we were in Denmark (6 months in) and I decided to stay in Europe and travel until March when I had a ticket back to the States through UWP.  When I got back to the States I worked my ass off to pay off my travel debt and then moved to NYC to be a performer.  I lived and worked there for 2 years when I got hit by a car, effectively ending my dance career, but unknowingly stating my Holistic career.   9 months later I moved to San Francisco where I got into alternative (traditional) medicine, met a guy, got married, lived the good life… but wanted more.  Something was missing.  8 years later I left my marriage and soon SF and moved to Hawaii.  I was teaching aerial dance when my rigging failed during a class and I fell.  Spine injury = hands stopped working = hard to work as an aerial teacher and massage therapist + so expensive to live in Hawaii = sell everything and travel? Before I left Hawaii I spent 3 months living in a tent on a farm with no power or hot water as their chef. Then I was off to travel the world for 4 straight years.  Insert all sorts of crazy travel stuff, working illegally, dengue fever, typhoid fever, getting peed on by a monkey, hospitalized in Bali and India, robbed, abusive relationship with a cult leader… before finally coming back to the States to write my book, The Conscious Alcoholic.  Traveled some more, spent a lot of time in Sweden with my best friend and her kids (one of which is my goddaughter), and then moved back to Hawaii where I went back to living in a tent in the back of a valley.  I upgraded from the tent to squatting in a rich lady’s house, then got a job doing property management for a crazy dude in the North Shore, which had me living beachfront in a multimillion-dollar house.  I eventually quit to deliver a boat to Mexico, during which we almost sank, twice. Once we got to Mexico I almost didn’t get paid because I am a woman and evidently women don’t deliver boats.  From there I got my captain’s license, ran off to Sweden again, fell in love, went back to Hawaii for surgery that should have lasted 20 minutes but lasted 3 hours, got stuck in Hawaii in a leg brace, and had to crash on friends couches until I could walk again…  Ran away again to Sweden for love…. then covid… business explosion… relationship explosion… ran away for a sweet job in the Bahamas that took me to California and now I am here, in Glens Falls, hometown fucking USA 1945.”Dreams:
-What were your dreams and how long did it take you to go after them?

“I have had so many dreams and I find they change all the time.  There isn’t one thing I always wanted or have been striving for.  I just try and follow my bliss and that seems like a good way to live.”
-What was the deciding factor? Was there a major shift or incident in your life to make you change what you were doing or were you always moving forward in the dream achievement department?

“Anytime I have forced things or moved from a place of should instead of my desire, shit goes sideways.  Every nasty thing that has happened in my life was preceded by a very clear NO that I ignored.”
-What responses do you get from other people when they find out?

“People see my CV or hear my story and always ask me how old I am!  I have done a lot in my 38 years.”
-What would you tell others who aspire to…

“Listen to the NO.  Listen to the YES.  Ignore everyone else.”
-Anything else you want to tell people?

“Start looking at how you can create the most joy in your life and everything else will fall into place.”

Unconventional Travel:
-What type of unconventional traveler are you?

“Solo female traveler in her 30’s.”
-When did you start?

“Age 15”
-What do you like about it?

“I LOVE seeing the world from other people’s perspective.”
-What don’t you like about it/what are your challenges?

“Visa restrictions, missed connections, all the people I love being spread across the globe, overwhelm, fatigue.”
-What do you see as your future?

“Hard to tell these days.  I hope the world heals and moves forward and we can all move towards our joy.”
-What responses do you get from other people when they find out?

“That I am a witch?  They usually have already fallen in love with me by that time!”
-What would you tell others who aspire to…

“Prioritize your happiness.”
-Anything else you want to tell people?

“About my programs that can help them find their greatest joy!”

-If you could give your 10-year-old child self 1 piece of advice NOW, what would it be?
“The dude’s not worth it.”

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