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Yoga with Sahara is always a multi-dimensional experience.  This Yogi Goddess knows her craft!  Sahara presents her theme-based classes in a relaxed, creative, and humorous way; as she guides her students on a journey of the Mind, Body, and Spirit.  During practice, Sahara breaks down the poses using references to the physical, subtle, and energetic bodies.  She explains the poses in slow motion, offers the names of muscles used in the pose, and explains and demonstrates how to isolate and strengthen those muscles; all while cueing the breath to match the movement.  During breathwork, Sahara offers visuals, mantras, and positive affirmations to help settle the mind-body connection.  She often references Ayurvedic Principles and Pilates in her sequencing, and her use of both conventional and unconventional props (and usage of props) shows her experience.  Her explanations of how and why the props are being used helps her students get comfortable with being uncomfortable.  I feel safe with Sahara.  She shares her knowledge, wit, and vast experience with a refreshing sense of humor, and I feel blessed to know and practice with her.

-Mary Ann C