Right now I am wandering around the World. What started as an 18 day trip as grown into an intended 18-24 month adventure. I have no idea what is in store for me. When I tell people what I’m doing the most common response is, “Oh, so kinda like ‘Eat, Pray, Love.”
*Insert irritated glare*
No, kinda like “Jamie takes over the World!” I mean sure, I’m still healing from my divorce, just finished trying to drown my depression from said divorce in Hawaiian sunshine, sea and ice cream and just had my heart broken again so badly that I swear it might never beat again… But please, this Chica ain’t having no Eat, Pray, Love moment. So what am I having? I couldn’t find 3 better words to describe my intentions for this adventure so maybe I just needed to OWN those 3 words…

EAT: I LOVE to eat. Some people think about Work or Sex or Candy Crush for 23 hours a day… I think about food. I built an entire Holistic Wellness Practice around food and helping people eat better, to help them live better. All while making it taste GREAT! As I think out the next 18-24 months of my life, I base much of my travel plans on where I think I can get the best food. I’m salivating and becoming hungry just thinking about it.

PRAY: No not the crying to God on the floor of the bathroom kinda Praying. That only happened in the shower and in my bed and in yoga class and in Ashrams and… My point is that I’m not looking (anymore) to desperately beg some divine being that lives outside of myself to show me the way back to myself. I’m already here and I’m already D.I.V.I.N.E. What I am looking for is to embody my divinity with every breath, through every cell in my body with everything around me. I am a Woman. I am a Goddess. I make Mistakes. I get back Up. I keep Going. It’s all Good. It’s all God.

LOVE: If I find a sexy older Brazilian man to adore me everyday for the rest of his life during this adventure, BONUS; but I’m talking about that all encompassing kind of Loving everything around me kind of love.
I want to Love when I Hate.
Love when I’m tired.
Love when I’m angry.
Love when I’m wounded.
I want to be so grounded, connected and flowing with Love that I love everything and every one. Yes, that means you, ex-boyfriends Jamie hating mother. I’m going to Love even you. In fact, I am going to be so connected with Love that I won’t keep attracting men with Jamie hating mothers who are really just reflections of the ways I don’t love myself.

I invite you to join in with me on this adventure because we are all on an Eat, Pray, Love journey…

How do you NOURISH yourself?

How do you WORSHIP yourself?

How do you ADORE yourself?

Because if you can’t do it, no one can.

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