It’s a quiet time here in Madrid. Ai is away, her sister is away and I am alone here in the house for some time. The Universe is speaking quietly to me during this time. She seems to know I need her to be gentle with me now. Softly she shows me old patterns and gently urges me to listen and pay attention to the people in my lifes words and actions. I am finding the strength to speak what I see, no longer willing to accept empty words as Love. This mornings contemplation pulled this song into my mind. I love that in this version he starts by singing “Here Comes the Sun”, another soft message from the Universe maybe…

These words ring gently in my soul this morning,

“Power of example
My Mama said it and I heard
She said
One ounce of Action
Beats a ton of Words”

Martin Sexton-Hallelujah

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