I’m not big on “I’m sorrys”. I think those words are used too often and usually without any understanding of why. Right now I long for the meaning behind those words, the recognition of, “wow, that was really fucked up” and the grace that comes from true connection, communication and understanding.

I threw a coin in the river tonight and made a wish. I wished for peace, but now I think what I really was wishing for was the ability to manifest people in my life who are fully present. People who are willing to sit quietly and receive what I say / feel without being defensive. To look at themselves and ask where they are in that, no matter how crazy I seem to them. Who won’t blow it of as “my reality”. We create reality together. There is no you or me, we are reflections of each other. If you hurt me, it doesn’t matter if it is a wound from when I was a child or a past life. You are a part of the wound and the mere fact that you have somehow participated in the situation means it is also your wound.

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