With the heat of summer getting intense, here is a great drink to keep you cool and support your digestive tract!

*Please note that I was mistaken about the temperature to heat the vinegar to. It is 118F, not 130F. It is best to stop at about 110F to keep the gastrointestinal benefits of the vinegar.

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Fill a clean mason jar with the fruit of your choice. Fill the jar with apple cider vinegar that has been heated to 110(f)/43(c), being sure to cover the fruit completely. Put in a cool, dark place for 2 days to 4 months (the longer you leave it, the more infused it becomes), giving it a shake occasionally. After infusing, separate the fruit from the vinegar, leaving the vinegar in the jar. Add maple syrup to the vinegar until you get the desired sweetness. Use with bubble water for a refreshing drink or add to a cocktail for a little healthy kick!

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