Massage sessions incorporate all of my modalities, as guided by your body’s needs.  The minimum session length is 1.5 hours, and the maximum (and recommended) is 3 hours.  What lights me up is unlocking the Rubix Cube that is the human body and effecting real, lasting, change.  I can’t get there in 60 minutes.  I can just get started in 90 minutes.  Let me change how you relate to massage and to your own body.  I guarantee this will be the best massage of your life.

My Modalities include Swedish, Deep Tissue, Rolfing, Trigger Point, Ayurvedic, Gua Sha, Cupping, Thai, Sports, Acupressure, Reiki, and Craniosacral

Benefits of Massage

  • Decreases stress hormones in the body by increasing stress-relieving hormones and downshifting the central nervous system 
  • Breaks up scar tissue 
  • Increases muscle and joint mobility 
  • Stimulates lymphatic and immune systems 
  • Pumps fresh blood into the tissues 
  • Decreased pain 
  • Improved posture and longevity 
  • Supports bodily functions that remove toxins 
  • Relieves tension headaches 
  • Lowers Blood Pressure 
  • Heals repetitive strain injuries 

Benefits of a 3-hour massage with Sahara (yes, you read that right. 3 Hours)

  • Reach the root of the problem.  For example, if you come in with shoulder pain, but it is caused by your sacrum being stuck, which is caused by scar tissue from an old ankle injury, it is really hard to identify and address all those issues in a single hour.  Sure, you can come in for an hour every week, but during that time, you continue to exacerbate the root cause and the chain of pain.  If you come in for an extended session, I can identify and address all those issues, and you walk out with the root, the chain, and the symptom being addressed and released.   
  • Your nervous system gets to fully relax instead of beginning to relax and then get tossed out into life again. 
  • You create the space for real relaxation instead of carving out a small window and then rushing to and from it. 
  • The results last longer because your total body, as well as all of its systems, are addressed. 
  • Over time, you need less and less treatments because you heal as opposed to just sustain. 

All BodyWork sessions done at my Upper Ridge Road location, just 5 minutes from Lake George.

90 Minute


2 Hours


3 Hours



Sahara is the best bodyworker I have ever come across. Hands down, no contest. Not only has she been able to completely dismantle old knots, but she’s also cleared the energy channels that lead to them. Every time she works on me, my body and energy are healthier and in a better flow. Her physical work is unmatched and so is her energy work. She is a pure, clear channel for energy. When we’re done the only energy left behind is love and vitality. You can trust her with your body and energy and I strongly encourage you to try her. Also if you want to try a different type of bodywork, you definitely should consider her eye neti. My tired eyes were completely refreshed after one session! She has such a gentle touch and the warm rocks were extremely soothing. It felt amazing during the treatment and afterward, I noticed both my physical and psychic vision was more crisp. Eye Neti for the win! Sahara is my favorite bodyworker, and I know she’ll be yours too. Give her a try! 

– Crystal H

I received a custom oil blend by Sahara and I LOVE it! I had been going through a stressful time in my life and Sahara took the time to get to know me and explain to me the detailed process she goes into before making my very own blend. She carefully explained each of the parts of a plant, how it relates to me, the meaning, and the expected benefits. All I can say is WOW. I have been using this oil daily for the past month and it’s helped bring down my stress levels tremendously. The calming and refreshing notes of Lavender and Eucalyptus provide instant daily relief. Thank you Sahara for your healing. I appreciate this more than you know!! I would highly recommend!

-Brittany F