Home and Land Blessings Your home is your Sacred Space, it is the place you go to rejuvenate. It is also a place that people before you have called home, it is not a new Temple. The land it is built on has held generations of Humans and Creatures alike. Wars have been fought, Love made and Beings Born. Ancestors and energies can linger for lifetimes and it is important to bring yourself into alignment with those who have come before. When moving into a new space it is wonderful to greet those who have inhabited the land prior, acknowledge them and bring them on board to support your new adventure in the space and on the land. Homes as well as old furniture hold onto the energy of each owner. I clear as well as align the space to your specific intensions. Each ceremony is specific to those present and to those who have come before. Blessings are  done in person only, however aligning energy in a home can be done via skype.

Present Life Regression Much like Past Life Regression, except working within this lifetime. We all are wounded multiple times (hundreds really) during our lives and each of these wounds leaves its own scar. These scars, much like the scar tissue in the body, can be sticky and hold us back from our full potential. If you are experiencing a repetitive pattern in your life or a consistent block in moving forward or achieving goals, you might be dealing with energetic scar tissue. Present Life Regression sessions work to break up this scar tissue by finding the original wound, healing it and then pulling your energy forward to the present moment. These sessions are available via Skype or in-person when available.

Addiction Work- Habits and addictions come in big and small packages, ranging from Facebook, to drugs, to alcohol, to sex, to co-dependent relationships, to cookies. The one thing all addictions and habits have in common is that they are all cover ups for a deeper issue. In essence, the addiction isn’t the problem, it is the solution. It is what makes whatever the underlying issue is, survivable. Quitting cold turkey is just pulling the monster out from under the bed and putting him in the corner of the room where you can keep an eye on him. He is still there. He is still haunting you. He still controls the room. What if you talked to him?  Asked him how he felt and why he was there? What if you made him your friend? We work at the pace that your Soul is ready to work. Sometimes we walk, sometimes we run and sometimes we just think about getting out of bed.Take control back, understand the WHY. These sessions are available via Skype or in-person when available.


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Consultations- Everything around us is made up of some equation of the Five Elements, Air, Ether, Fire, Water, Earth. How we relate to the world around us directly affects the amount of balance or dis-ease we experience. What we eat, who we interact with, where we live… all these things affect us in some way. If we listen, the body will show us its true state of balance or imbalance in the present moment and from that, together we will create easy lifestyle changes using food, yoga and self-care to re-align your mind and spirit. Based on your body’s unique make-up, I will create a food and lifestyle map which is easy to follow and will lead you to balance inside and out.

Shirodhara- This is staple Ayurvedic Treatment for stress. The treatment consists of slowly pouring warm oil over the head for 45-60 minutes, resulting in the client falling into a deep, almost catatonic state of relaxation. In this state, the body is able to heal itself by releasing serotonin, dopamine and melatonin. This resets the central nervous system and is amazing at relieving anxiety, depression, insomina, PTSD, jet-lag, headaches and hypertension.

The Conscious Alcoholic Book-  Alcohol has been used in every medicinal system since the beginning of time. Study the worlds’ medicinal history and you will find tinctures, medicated wines and various other topical potions. Alcohol is amazing at extracting the medicinal benefits of plants and herbs, delivering them to the body to relieve pain and promote healing.

So why aren’t we applying all that knowledge to our cocktails? I mean, if it’s good for my kidneys to put my foot behind my head, there has to be an herb I can put in my martini to promote… something. Right?

Well, yes, actually there is. Using Ayurvedic and Chinese Medicine, I have not only created delicious cocktail recipes; I have broken the properties of each spirit and herb down so that you can discover how to drink to balance your body. That’s right folks, healthy drinking! By the time you are done with this you will understand why some alcohols work for you while others leave you praying to the Porcelain Goddess.



Auromatherapy- You are unique; your essential oil selction should be too. Each oil has specific medicinal uses but did you know that each one reacts differently to each persons unique constituition. And that each oil reacts differently depending on where it was grown? The breakdown for an oil is extremely intricate and to get the most out of an oil you are using you need to know which source to gather it from. Using Ayurveda, I make up a plan for which oils work for your body and find the correct version of each oil for you. Get the most out of this amazing form of plant medicine!


Craniosacral- This therapy resets your Nervous System via the bodies cerebrospinal fluid. This fluid is produced in the brain and flows through the entire body. As it moves through the body it creates a wave like vibration. Using soft touch, I tune into this vibration to see where there is a block in this wave and assist your body in releasing the block so you can fully access every part of your body. Chronic injuries, pain and patterns dissolve into the past.

Structural Movement Therapy- This therapy builds a strong understanding of your body and how it works, creating balance within you and allowing you to heal and grow. Structural Movement Therapy is a dynamic mix of passive and active stretching and strengthening which uses Yoga Therapy, Physical Therapy and Soft Tissue Release. I work closely with you to deepen your understanding of your body and its patterns, adding strength where needed and surrendering what is no longer serving you. Whether you are looking to play with your kids with more ease, wow the crowd on the dance floor or improve your golf swing, this will increase your quality of life. These sessions are available 1 on 1 only. Please see the Workshops page for group classes.