: Someone who guides you through the fire and out the other side.  Practitioners of this skill are often called Medicine Women, Healers, Witch Doctors, Kahunas and Wizards.

Feng Shui:

Your home is your Sacred Space, it is the place you go to relax, rejuvenate and recalibrate. It is also a place that people before you have called home, it is not a new Temple. The land it is built on has held generations of Humans and Creatures alike. Wars have been fought, Love made and Beings Born. Ancestors and energies can linger for lifetimes and it is important to bring yourself into alignment with those who have come before. When moving into a new space it is wonderful to greet those who have inhabited the land prior, acknowledge them and bring them on board to support your new adventure in the space and on that land and in that space. Homes, as well as old furniture, hold onto the energy of each owner. My job as a Feng Shui Practitioner is to align your space to your specific intentions, make way for abundance in all areas of your life and to clear any prior owner or ancestor’s energy. These sessions can be done in person or via video chat.

Soul Alignment:

We all are wounded many times during our lifetime, and each of these wounds leaves its own scar. These scars, much like the scar tissue in the body, can be sticky and hold us back from our full potential. If you are experiencing a repetitive pattern in your life or a consistent block in moving forward or achieving goals, you might be dealing with energetic scar tissue. Soul Alignment sessions work to break up this energetic scar tissue by finding the original wound, healing it and then pulling your energy forward to the present moment and aligning it with your Soul’s purpose. This technique marries Talk Therapy with Energetic Healing for an impactful, life progressing, experience. These sessions are most often done via phone.


Are you having a difficult time envisioning what you want for your life or bringing that vision into reality? Manifestation Sessions work to discover the unconscious beliefs you hold that are blocking you from discovering and creating the life you want. Once we uncover those beliefs, we remove them and create new, positive beliefs that will propel you into the next stage of living your highest and best reality. These sessions are most often done via phone.

Travel Coaching:

Life coaching but for TRAVEL! Nothing teaches and stretches you more in life than getting out of your comfort zone and experiencing new things. I have the awesome reality of being both a Healer and a Traveller. I started traveling the world at the age of 15 and I have never looked back! These sessions consist of a bit of my Manifesting Sessions, a bit of my Soul Aligning Sessions and a bit of a travel agent appointment. Together we will discover what your Soul wants to gain from your travels and mix that in with what your Heart wants, what your eyes want, what your stomach wants and what your bank account can handle. You will end up with a travel experience that will support your growth and make your Soul sing!


“Sahara is extraordinary. Her thinking and living outside of the box create a safe and empowering space for self- discovery, and growth. She supported me in gathering the courage to take the actions I needed to live in alignment with who I really am. Her vulnerability kept me grounded in the reality of it not necessarily being an easy journey, but it also kept me present to how worth it was to put the time and effort into it.”
– Yael G 


Sahara Leigh is an excellent coach.  She will push you just the right amount, keep you accountable for your journey and the steps you take to being the best version of you. Her array of tools for giving you the best opportunity to grow and excel is 2nd to none. Her way to provoke thoughts and give you perspective on your patterns, actions and survival mechanisms is truly inspiring and has helped me grow to be the proud and appreciative father and leader I am today.

-Henrik B