My healing wake up call came in 2002 on the windshield of a car.  I had ignored the voice in my head that said she didn’t see and found myself face planting across her windshield.  A broken tibial plateau and a torn meniscus, I found myself alone and non-weight bearing in a south-facing apartment in Brooklyn. With no AC.  In July.  The next 3 months would change my life.

I wasn’t a stranger to pain.  At the age of 21, I had already spent most of my life with chronic pain, trapped in a medical system that repeatedly failed me.  I had somehow built a successful dance and swimming career while managing crippling emotional and physical pain.  This forged a strength in me that would cause me to continue to ignore both my Body and my Guides, and require Creator to continually kick my ass to try and get me to stay down long enough to accept that I wasn’t unbreakable.  I am not entirely sure I have learned my lesson yet.  It is a daily practice of Self Love and Self Respect.

I am an experiential learner and I have harnessed the pain I have experienced and woven a spectacular cloth of knowledge.  I heal because I have been healed.  I teach because I have been taught.  I owe everything to my own stupidity and every single person that shows up to work with me.  Your experiences, your body and your Soul guide every step we take together.  You show me, so I can show you.  I am merely the marker that highlights what you are unable to see… yet.

 Are you ready to know yourself?

I TEACH from this place, I HEAL from this place, I LIVE from this place.


“Sahara is an extremely gifted Healer/Masseuse. Her devotion to helping others is totally inspiring. Sahara assisted me through rehab after three surgeries on a broken foot and I feel so lucky to have been the beneficiary of her magical healing hands.”

-Beverly H