My work helps people overcome their past in order to create the best version possible of their future. We are all wounded, we are all perfectly imperfect, we are all exactly where we need to (and have chosen to) be. My question to you is…

Are you ready to take full responsibility for your existence?

Are you ready to stop hiding?

Are you ready to suss out all the places you are lying yourself?

Are you ready to be honest with yourself and those around you?

Are you ready to heal?

Are you ready to live?

My purpose is to break through these blocks within myself and within my clients. I started my journey as a Holistic Practitioner in 2002, and over the years I have worn many hats. From Yoga, to Bodywork, to Alternative Medicine and back; I have worked as both the Healer and as the one being healed. Because of this, I have a large tool box of modalities that I dig through to assist others in living their full, wildly authentic Lives!

I work on all 3 levels of the human experience, Mind, Body and Spirit, so there is an avenue to healing here for everyone.  Click the links to learn more!

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