I work on all 3 levels of the human experience, Mind, Body and Spirit, so there is an avenue to healing here for everyone.

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Monday September 7th @ 21:00 CET Yin Yoga

Monday September 14th @ 21:00 CET Yin Yoga

Monday September 21th @ 21:00 CET Yin Yoga

Monday September 28th @ 21:00 CET Yin Yoga

Welcome to September’s weekly yoga classes! This month we will be practicing Yin Yoga. For those unfamiliar with Yin, it is a practice that focuses on the tendons and ligament using long-held, passive poses. It has also been called ‘needleless acupuncture’ because of the way it affects the meridian systems of the body. I will be covering the Easter Medicine aspects, as well as the anatomy, of each pose as well hang out in each one for approx 5 minutes. This practice literally changed my life, and proved all my doctors wrong, so I am very excited to share it with you!

Classes are $10 each or $30 for all four and include the recording.  Pay using the links below and be sure to include a message with which class you are signing up for and your email so I can send you the link for the class and/or recording.

21:00 CET = 3pm EST, 12 Noon PST, 9am HST

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